Tom´s thoughts #4

Timetravel took a while to master My people trained me Now I am at level 8 Can go to the Five Stages and Past, present, future

Tom´s thoughts #5

I have travelled the Five Stages From past to present to future The things I have seen The things I have learned Soon it is over For me No regrets Do not worry


I have seen you trying to make sense of it all Will you believe me if I said it is all planned ? Will you believe me if I said it is all randomness ?


Never thought it would happen to me A son He will carry on When I am no more Soon


I have always been curious I have always been adventurous I have always been ready to take a risk I have always wanted to make my mark Reasons why I said yes I was honoured, I was excited, I was…..ready I knew the risk Little did I know….. Now I know too much I have seen too …

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